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What is KEEPS? 

KEEPSŪ you organized.

KEEPS® you organized

KEEPS® is our answer to your storage needs. No more missing receipts, no lost PIN-codes, no misplaced spare keys. All your family's essential things and papers are kept safe from thefts and fires.

KEEPS® has been designed to meet the requirements of modern lifestyle. Its standard structure enables you to effectively protect important documents as well as valuables and artwork of various sizes. The KEEPS product range is also excellent for preventing un-authorised access to, for example, medicine and firearms.

KEEPS® models are very user friendly. Programmable, electronic locking mechanism allows several key code alternatives and you con even have individual codes for every family member. Models with electronic locking mechanism do not even need an external power source. KEEPS® models are also available with a mechanical key lock.

KEEPSŪ is a burglary and fire tested storage solution for the things you value the most. KEEPS is our solution for the storage needs in your private home. We pay a lot of attention to design, aesthetics and keeping you and your life organized.
What is KEEPS?
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