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What is KEEPS? 

What do you want to safekeep?

KEEPS® you protected

Privacy protection and secure storing have become more and more important. For that KEEPS® is an excellent alternative. It is at your service 24 hours a day, also outside business hours and even during your holidays. Your belongings are always kept out of your visitors´ sight -whether they are invited or uninvited. Stylish, furniture-like KEEPS® fits seamlessly into your decoration. It is easy to install both new and old homes. All KEEPS® models are offering clear and flexible inside fitting options for various storage needs. In addition to its tested and certified security features, KEEPS® is also light in weight.

KEEPS is not afraid to be in the open. The security technology in the award winning design is based on Kaso-pioneered BFP-multilayer high security technology, which has been burglary and fire tested in Europe´s leading security test institutes. Manufacturing of KEEPS® is done in Finland and controlled by ISO 9001 quality management system giving additional proof for the high quality of the product for the whole life cycle. KEEPS® is high technology and award winning design from Finland. You can find the right size for you from six different options and there are multiple colours to choose your favourite combination from.

KEEPSŪ is a burglary and fire tested storage solution for the things you value the most. KEEPS is our solution for the storage needs in your private home. We pay a lot of attention to design, aesthetics and keeping you and your life organized.
What is KEEPS?
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