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What is KEEPS? 

What is irreplaceable to you?

KEEPS® your memories

In our lives we tend to gather up items and memorabilia having both monetary and sentimental value. Thats why there is KEEPS®, to conveniently protect them. It is also an effective way to complement and increase your insurance coverage by protecting the things you value the most.

Theft and fires are a serious threat to our homes and valuables. To minimize the damages Kaso has developed its KEEPS® safety product range. KEEPS® has been designed for private homes and certified according to international security standards against and fire - No compromises. With more than a century of experience in security solutions, Kaso has developed a product that enables you to keep your valuables close, safe and in perfect order. In addition, KEEPS® fits seamlessly into various home designs.

KEEPSŪ is a burglary and fire tested storage solution for the things you value the most. KEEPS is our solution for the storage needs in your private home. We pay a lot of attention to design, aesthetics and keeping you and your life organized.
What is KEEPS?
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